Audit & Assurance

  • Financial Statements audit, review, compilation, and other agreed upon services
  • Compliance audit and attestation services
  • Bankers, vendors, customers or government bodies want your financial statements as soon as possible? No worries, our dedicated team will make sure your deadlines are met!

Tax Services

Business Taxes:

  • File tax returns: Form 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990, 1041
  • Tax plannings with various factors analyzed
  • Optimize business tax deductions and credits
  • Help you decide if you better off purchasing vehicles under your business or your name
  • Serve small businesses in various industries: legal, beauty, healthcare, engineering, education, insurance, rental & realty and more.
  • Tax Examination and Audit: Represent before the IRS and state tax authorities

Individual Taxes:

  • Individual tax preparation and planning: Form 1040, 1040 NR, 1041, 706, 709
  • Help you with retirement planning decision making: selecting the right retirement fund, contribution and withdrawals.
  • Rental activities
  • Detailed analysis on various adjustments, deductions, and credits
  • Help you decide whether to go with proprietorship or form a company for your business.
  • Apply for ITIN
  • 1040NR experts
  • Tax Examination and Audit: Represent before the IRS and state tax authorities

Speciality Services

  • Litigation Support
  • Board Meeting Presentations
  • Consultations and Business Projections
  • Third Party Independent Graduation
  • Placement Verification
  • Cohort Default Rate Appeal

Business Registration, Valuation, Consulting, Accounting and Payroll

  • Provide bookkeeping and payroll services
  • Consulting and other support to businesses and individuals in filing and submission with various authorities
  • Business valuation is not a straight science, it involves a lot of judgement and assumptions from insightful experts. We do provide quality business valuation services for estate and gift tax planning
  • IRS 501C3 application processing for your not for profit organization; Our success rate has been 100%.
  • Just starting a new business and worried about initial registrations, licenses and permits? Leave all those to us, we will help you with meeting all the city, town, state, and federal requirements. Our experienced professionals will work directly with the respective authorities and help you get the process going smoothly so that you can start your operation without wasting your valuable time. We take care of documentations, you fully focus on your business and promotions.